Thursday, September 4, 2014

Straight, No Spacers.

Though inconvenient at the airport and clamorous when handling a sleeping baby, I have worn bangles 365, 24/7 for the past 4 years.  It began with a fateful find buried within a huge collection of vintage clothing housed in a New Orleans washateria.  Twelve lovely, thin silver bangles begged to come home with me and be mine forever.  I agreed.  They were easy to love yet difficult to slide off which made them a permanent fixture.  Soon after, I acquired my first of many pieces crafted by the legendary jeweler Dr. Footz.  The bangle boasting a fleur de lis and African mask was the perfect item embodying the blend of cultures that makes me who I am and New Orleans what it is.  Next to join the team was the Giles & Brother Rail Road Spike in silvertone which I coveted for some time.  Though it isn't solid silver, I never take it off and like the finish as it wears and reveals a copper hue below.  Finally, the piece that made me type this entry, the piece that was crafted from orbs I clutched to my bosom in the bead store like a madwoman, the piece that was strung by the goddess herself, Julie Mims of J.B. Mims Collection, an AMAZING clear quartz crystal bracelet has found its final resting place on my arm.

It was love at first sight.  While perusing a local bead store, feeling my way from one crystalline energy source to another, I was led to a basket of miscellaneous stones that contained the strand of spheres.  The marble-like quality, color and clarity of the beads made them irresistible.  I had to have them and the rest is Julie...

 Silvertone wire makes it appear as if they are floating in space.

Hand crafted closure by Julie Mims.