Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Closet Confessions

So...it's laundry day (or week) and due to the extreme nature of this undertaking, I decided to get organized like never before.  If I have to do all of this work, might as well right? 

And this isn't half of it NOR does it include my daughter's clothes...*sigh*.
To bring about lasting order in my closet and peace in my heart and mind, I am documenting each item in my wardrobe.  Everything.  From the trunks in my living room to the bags in miscellaneous places, I am going through each piece taking photos and writing descriptions to upload and track.  I am tired of asking myself "What did I do with ____?".  I have had so many glorious garments that have just disappeared or bit the dust in one of my many purges.  Without accounting for what I have, I will keep making poor decisions in this regard.  Granted I have finite space and can't keep everything, but there are some things in my collection that should not be disposed of due to a knee-jerk decision.
Me this morning leaving for work.  White button front cotton top by Van Heusen, 50s era Hand Painted Mexican Circle Skirt, Vintage Head Tie that went to the ensemble below I did God knows what with (see what I mean!), Eye Been Framed browline specs and Manolo Blahnik shoes
Photo taken at a Missia Saran concert in Conakry, Guinea in the missing outfit... 
For every client I've had that has felt a tinge of embarrassment when I enter their space, this post is for you.  My closet is a nightmare right now.  I have mixed seasons, shoes and bags of random clothes everywhere (not photographed but you can take my word for it) and laundry piled higher than I care to admit.  It has never been this bad.  In light of this new low I've found, I am ascending to a state of organization I've only dreamed of.  I need to be held accountable for seeing this through...hence this series of posts.  The journey will be documented here and some items may become available for sale or rent.  Stay tuned and thank you for not judging me. :-)

My horribly organized, mid season closet.
  I am ashamed.