Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wow. Part 2...

 Ariya Karo Kaba Smith & I
As I mentioned yesterday, wow.  It's amazing how the seeds that bring forth the future and answer all questions are always in our possession.  Never has this sentiment been more real to me than now in this season as a mother...
Reflecting on posts from the past I am reminded of my passion, insecurities, intuitive foresight, evolving perspective, style and body (see this post regarding the passage of time and one's personal style).  I am fuller now in more ways than one...I have to be.  Food Source, Astrologer, Lover, Spiritual Advocator, Homemaker, Student, Stylist, Merchandiser, Legislative Aide, Friend, Teacher, Guide and Witness are but a few of the hats I wear on a regular basis. 
When things first shifted and my internal world, with my heart at the helm, became a priority I trivialized the art of getting dressed.  Sad because I could no longer fit many of my treasures, overwhelmed because I didn't know where to begin dressing my new and ever changing physique and unsure where the time and resources would come from to acquire new pieces, I settled within and focused on the matters of the "higher chakras", if you will. 
That was a much needed and welcomed transfer of focus yet I quickly discovered my love of fashion transcended ego and is an integral part of my work in this lifetime.  I am an artist and clothing is my medium.  With this renewed insight and zeal for style, I found the answer to my problem in my own closet...CIRCLE SKIRTS!  Particularly vintage hand-painted cotton circle skirts for several reasons...The wrap style closure accommodates the ebb and tide of my waistline as a new mother.  They are one-of-a-kind art pieces that are worth the investment.  Difficult to find in vintage specialty shops but easy to peruse online via Etsy and Ebay, these skirts come in a variety of subjects and themes.  Here are a few I've purchased recently that have transformed my wardrobe and made it function better than I ever imagined during this summer season. 
Wrap Skirt Made in Zimbabwe
I love this continuous print...There is no true leader in this procession.  Everyone, including the dog, is engaged and an active participant in the journey.  They each possess a component needed to complete the task at hand and are confident individuals in a functioning whole.  Amazing.

Hand-Painted Mexican Circle Skirt with Girl & Burro Embellished with Sequins
I'm not the sequins wearing type but I always make an exception with this genre of skirt.  The textured cotton and hand painting gives it a casual feel that begs to be worn with almost anything (cut-off Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle tee is one of my favorites pairings with this piece).

Hand-Painted Mexican Circle Skirts with Tribal Motif

It is hard to place the origins of this skirt at first sight.  Some think it's new because the colors are so crisp.  Others think it is from The Continent because of the palette and imagery.  This makes it my absolute favorite because it embodies the interconnectivity of time, space and cultures. 



Monday, August 25, 2014


Time has passed.  Fashion has changed.  I am a mother.  I'm inspired to share again.  That is all for now...