Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For the love of it

It's a thin line between love and irresponsible consumption.  As an avid follower of fashion, I often feel convicted when my blood rushes at first sight of a smart silhouette or pattern.  Or when my head throws itself back in ecstasy when an ensemble comes together.  Or when my breath goes staccato as I touch the shoulder of a vintage gem shoved between the $3.49 rack of a thrift store.  Or how I coo lovingly at the garment in my lap as I repair it...You get the idea.

I feel like those things shouldn't matter so much to me...but that is passion, and this is what I do.  

Recently, I have been exposed to the culture of luxury consumption on a scale which forced me to question my place in this industry.  I have always referred to modern designer lines as a means of educating myself, not as a standard.  The people who actually invested thousands in these labels and trends were foreign to me.  I now interact with and understand the spirits that consume on this level and was freaked out the moment the price tags stopped shocking me.  I have looked at $900 garments and considered them "good deals".  Wow.

Outside of the impoverished and naked, no one "needs" clothes.  We all indulge our desire to look good and peacock when we go shopping.  In light of this, I no longer judge and encourage those who love fashion to proudly partake in new designer collections as your wallets allow.  Just don't forget that vintage designer pieces are artisan made, iconic, less expensive and will love you for life. 

That is all.