Monday, May 25, 2009

SOLD--"Fell-Bass, New York" 3 Piece Brocade Suit; $109.99

SOLD--Ivory Long-Sleeved Lace Dress; $79.99

SOLD-Vintage Blue Lace Dress with Mauve Sash; $79.99

SOLD-Sexy "Koret of California" Belted Sheath Dress; $24.99

SOLD--Salmon Crinoline Gown; $129.99

SOLD--Sequined Paisley Wool Tank; $19.99

SOLD--Splendid "Victoria Royal Ltd." Beaded Blouse; $39.99

SOLD-"Miss Elliete, California" Belted Floral Dress; $59.99

SOLD-Precious "Berkshire B-Tween" Pink & Cream Lace Dress; $69.99

SOLD-Timeless Two Piece Brocade Cocktail Suit; $89.99