Thursday, June 30, 2011

Down With Shoes.

Hervé Léger
I am OVER sandals as a whole this season. Most platforms compromise posture and grace for style which leaves the average woman looking (and walking) like an under-articulated, imbalanced baby doll. I am shocked that gladiators have lasted this long; they have a tendency to shorten and expand the size of the wearers’ leg. Though comfortable, they are exclusively attractive on the feet of slim statuesque women. I do not have a rant for flats other than I am 4’11” and need higher shoe options without the extra bulk, wedges and straps found in every retailer.

Yes, I am complaining. Some may even claim that I am “hating”. Yet someone needs to put their foot down and demand more out of our shoes and the bastards designing them. A shoe coup, if you will. All I want out of life is a timeless, enduring, comfortable, stylish shoe that is feminine and sexy. Is that too much to ask?

*Deep breath*

Rust and Red.

ADAM Spring/Summer 2011

Paired with the crisp white and pale gray, this is an amazing color combination. Never fear alternate neutrals outside of the traditional blacks and browns. When you work within the same hue, your options are limitless. Draw color inspiration from objects throughout your environment. Flora, architecture, stormy skies and so much more can hold clues to your next favorite outfit.

Quick challenge...find a scarf or a piece of jewelry with several colors in the design that you like but would not normally put together. Assemble an outfit using these colors but DO NOT wear the inspiration piece. Anchor with neutrals (white in the photo above) as needed to create a cohesive look. This exercise will guide you through expanding your color vocabulary until you develop an eye for mixing on your own.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They're men. They're men in tights...and skirts.

Spring/Summer menswear 2011

Austere, futuristic and effeminate, the House of Givenchy's Spring/Summer 2011 menswear collection under the creative direction of Riccardo Tisci featured ultra slim pants, leopard prints and skirts. For the Spring 2012 line, Tisci lightened up a bit by injecting sequins, pleats and elaborate bird of paradise prints to the theme. Though the idea of men in skirts is far from new, this particular interpretation is admittedly noteworthy.

I have no comment on the man-skirt but I love the white and army green used heavily in the 2012 collection. Rendered in a simple strapped sandal and slim pant, it has a rugged androgynous feel that straddles the line pretty well.

Ok...I confess.  I only wrote this post to use the title. See Mel Brooks “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Confess Wardrobe Styling Packages

photo by Saphira Contreras
Confess photo shoot October 2009

For your convenience, I've developed introductory packages that allow you to sample bundled services at a discounted rate. Schedule a la carte or purchase in a group for yourself or someone you love. You will thank me later...

“The Foundation” Package:
One (1) Hour Image Consulting
Three (3) Hours of Closet Edit
Seven (7) Ensemble Planning Looks w/ Photos
Two (2) Hours of Personal Shopping
One (1) Month of Style Guidance

“Talk to Me” Package:
One (1) Hour Image Consulting
One (1) Month of Style Guidance

“So many garments. So little to wear.” Package:
Three (3) Hours of Closet Edit
Seven (7) Ensemble Planning Looks w/ Photos

"Edit and Enhance" Package:
Three (3) Hours of Closet Edit
Three (3) Hours of Personal Shopping

For detailed service descriptions, click here.

Confess Wardrobe Styling Services

Client Wardrobe Edit and Organizing
January 2011
Here is a list of the wardrobe styling services offered by Confess along with pricing. To schedule an appointment, email me at or call (757) 753.1114. Feel free to submit questions via post comments.

Personal Shopping:
Do you get frustrated or overwhelmed while shopping? Can’t seem to find the right items and the right fit for the right price? Allow me to assist you. I scour the internet and retailers in the surrounding area to find the perfect pieces that will enhance your wardrobe based on your specifications. Using the myriad resources I’ve identified to stock a retail store, I can locate high-quality modern designer and vintage apparel that cater to every whim and curve at incredibly low prices. Together, we will manifest the vision of your project or the figure-flattering wardrobe of your dreams for less than ever imagined.
$45/hour + Cost of items

Closet Edit/Organizing:
Is choosing what to don daily a daunting task? Do you own a plethora of clothing and often feel as if there’s “nothing to wear”? Is your closet in serious need of organizing? Eliminate the stress of getting dressed with my closet editing and organizing services. I will arrange your wardrobe by season, color and garment type, remove the items that do not serve your fashion needs and focus on key pieces to make your daily ensemble choices easier. By trying on your current clothes and assessing them for fit and styling, we will determine which pieces to keep, alter, donate, throw away, sell or trade. A shopping list will then be created to fill any gaps identified in your wardrobe in addition to suggested storage solutions. What more do you need!

Image consulting:
Have you lost or never established your sense of style? Has your life, figure or goals changed? Are you in search of a wardrobe that represents the many facets of your life? The process begins with an honest conversation and an open mind. During the consultation, we will discuss who you are, were and want to be to define pieces that embody your unique spirit. Without regarding trends or cookie-cutter industry standards, we will discuss your specific needs to create a timeless wardrobe from which you can draw inspiration everyday.

Ensemble Planning with Photographs:
With this service, I will fully assemble, accessorize and photograph outfits with your existing pieces. This is a great option for vacation planning, special events or simplifying a work week. With full body and detailed images to which you can refer in the future, you can rework the look on your own or wear again with ease.

Style Guidance:
Want your own fashion professional on retainer? Sign up to correspond daily with your personal stylist via email, text, phone or in-person. Submit images and inquiries to get an honest personalized response to your shopping and wardrobe questions. This service is convenient and effective with your busy lifestyle in mind.

Jewelry Restyling:
Is your fashion jewelry dated or broken? Let me restyle your beaded creations in new and exciting ways.
Price per project varies.

Photo Shoot Styling:
On location or in the studio, create a polished and cohesive look for your shoot with a wardrobe stylist. As a creative partner, I will help translate the photographer’s, client’s and/or subject’s vision through fashion. Considering body type, lighting, backdrop, location, texture and color are but a few ways I ensure your wardrobe evokes the feel intended for the shoot.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Confess Wardrobe Styling FAQ's...

Actor Anri Mims
Here is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Confess' wardrobe styling services. Comment with any additional inquiries not addressed here and the list will be updated.

1. Do you only buy second-hand and vintage goods?

No. My primary goal is to meet your individual styling needs. We will discuss each category on your personalized shopping list and determine the type of retailer that will meet your budget and style aesthetic from big-box to boutiques and even thrift stores.

Due to my retail merchandising background, I have identified a host of vintage and second-hand designer wholesalers that allow me to consider these unique and eco-friendly goods for your specific needs at unbelievable prices. By utilizing alternative resources on the web and in the local area to supplement your wardrobe, I will save you money and find the pieces that truly embody the look you are after.

2. I love my personal sense of style, why would I need your services?

If you have a strong sense of style, consider the closet organizing services. During this session, we will arrange your garments for convenience and discuss the storage and care of your beloved wardrobe to ensure it lasts as long as you want it to.

If you are looking for new ways to wear the pieces you adore or want to give a garment one more chance before purging, ensemble planning would be a wonderful option. I will share tips and tricks that can revitalize any item so you fall in love all over again.

3. I’m a photographer and want to recommend a stylist for some of my shoots. Would you come on location for touch-ups and wardrobe changes?

Yes. As a beauty/fashion industry professional, partnering with a wardrobe stylist adds value to your services. Ensure your shoots have a polished look and your clients are exceedingly happy with the finished product by recommending a stylist.

4. I have a complimentary business and would like to partner with Confess, how do I submit my company’s information?

Simply email me your contact information and I will add your company to the vendor list. This will expose your business to our ever expanding client base. If you are a designer, send a link to your portfolio and availability to have your line considered for customer acquisitions.

6. What if you don’t find anything I can use on a personal shopping project?

My personal shopping service is designed to yield a satisfactory outcome. For stores with a zero return policy, fittings are scheduled prior to final purchase to ensure the garments meet your needs. For online acquisitions, emails are sent for your approval prior to purchase. In the event there is an issue with fit upon receipt, modifications will be considered before returning. For local retail purchases, returns and exchanges will be done on your behalf. Time is not deducted for returns or exchanges.

Despite these measures, in the event a personal shopping assignment doesn’t yield pieces that meet your needs within the time allotted, you will receive a one hour credit toward your next service.

7. When is payment due?

For all consultative sessions and closet edits, payment is due when the services are complete. When a personal shopping list is created on your behalf, a budget and estimated time is calculated and prepayment is required. You will receive emails tracking my activity and time spent on your wardrobe project. If an overage in time occurs, the balance is due at the following meeting. In the event the wardrobe budget allotted is not met, you will receive the cash balance or credit upon project completion.

8. What do you mean when you say “project”?

A project is any detailed assignment for which Confess is hired that includes a timeline and/or specific duties that take place in or outside of your home. For example, personal shopping projects include a list of focus items based on your needs, a start and end date.

9. Are second-hand items cleaned before I buy them?

Some second-hand retailers launder their items prior to placing them on their racks. For added assurance, we offer our customers professional dry-cleaning as an added service. Wholesale and hourly rates apply.

10. When items are purchased on my behalf, do I receive a copy of the receipt?

Yes. All acquisition, laundering, and shipping receipts will be attached to the invoice.

11. May I schedule a session with you for less than an hour?

All appointments are set and invoiced in one hour blocks.

12. How can I follow your shopping activity and time spent on my project?

A time sheet is maintained for every client that is updated on a daily basis. It includes the location and the amount of time spent in each establishment.

13. When do you begin docking time on a shopping trip?

The clock begins when I enter a store on your behalf.

14. When editing my closet, who decides what I keep and what happens to the items I no longer need?

You do. I give suggestions based on the goals you share but you make the final decision.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sénica Naturals Photo Shoot

Sénica Naturals Photo Shoot November 2010
Wardrobe Stylist

The above project was a fun challenge. I was hired by the owner of Sénica Naturals to dress twelve models representing myriad sizes and ages in a lifestyle photo shoot for her product line. The challenge? Create the looks in five days, working solely from the inventory of my petite store of vintage originals and the clients personal wardrobes.

These photos are great examples of how to don vintage in a way that doesn't evoke images of a specific era. I used garments from the 50s through the 80s to produce a cohesive, natural and timeless feel.

Visit the site via hyperlink to view the full shoot and browse through her amazing selection of natural skin and hair care products.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wear a Hat.

Those of you who know me personally understand how out-of-touch I am with television and movie sensations. Recently, my blissful oblivion regarding the royal wedding was shattered by a hat. A simple, unassuming hat that was perfectly positioned on the head of Kate Middleton for The Derby at Epsom Downs made me swoon and rifle through the endless photos of this extremely well dressed and accessorized woman.

Hats that were traditionally worn at the crown of one's head are moved toward the brow line and tilted. Every head and face is unique so situate your topper based on your proportions. Always regard the ensemble you are accessorizing and how the overall shapes compliment one another.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Strap Snapped? Emulate Mr. Posen.

Z Spoke Spring/Summer 2011 Handbag

I love it when a designer takes a practical idea and turns it into high-fashion. Z Spoke by Zac Posen’s spring/summer handbag collection features scarf-like handles and detailing that inspire a number of utilitarian adaptations. If your beloved bag has a frayed strap, fasten a leather tie belt or scarf to the hardware. Convert a clutch into a shoulder bag or transform a bargain bag into a focal piece. Voila.

Be intentional with the length, color and texture of the strap. Twist the material before tying the finishing knots to add dimension.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something old. Something new.

photo by Saphira Contreras
First Photo Shoot (Me)

Oh, nostalgia...what a great business to be in. It has a way of convincing you to consider everything sacred and heightens reflective states. In this spirit, I want to chronicle the journey of the brand I love so dearly through photos highlighting special in-store moments and clients looking fabulous in the goods we've provided.

For those of you that have witnessed the evolution of Confess Apparel first hand, I thank you. From its humble beginnings behind a Mid-City washateria, to the Oak Street location we occupied for a year, Confess has endured and transitioned into an innovative styling business that reflects the culture developed in our stores and the personal service our clients received.

Oak Street will be missed. The greater community outlying this commercial corridor is diverse and close-knit lending to a colorful array of guests that graced Confess daily. It was a pleasure meeting and working with the residents and myriad visitors that traveled our narrow, meter maid-ridden street.

Dress-up Contest (Me and Contestants)

For those that stopped in on my off days, you made the acquaintance of Dylan. Here he is making the hallowed "stoop" look cooler than necessary...

Cigarette Break (Dylan)

The merchants on Oak Street were part of its allure. Despite sensationalized arguments over sandwiches, we banded together to promote and support one another.

Glamour Break (Zoe)

Po-Boy Festival 2010

Oak Street Family (Anthony)

Some of my favorite days were the slow ones where I could really focus in on a specific clients needs...or play any willing opponent in chess.

Chess (Jerk & Jon's Jonathan Hamilton, model and children)

Many great partnerships have been formed with artists, stylists and vendors that provide complimentary goods or services over the years. They have encouraged and inspired me. Trunk Show (Allisyn)

Carnival Couture Headdresses (Me, Lola and Henry)

Outside of retail, Confess has styled vintage ensembles at fashion shows...

CWM Foundation Fashion Show 2010 (Model)

and provided wardrobe for photo shoots from the sophisticated...

New Orleans Magazine December 2010 Issue (Model)

to the surreal.

Pretty Doe Dairy "Goato" Shoot (Amy & Nina)

Last, but far from least, a few of my favorite snap shots boasting customer purchases.  

Wedding Dress (Nicole)

2 of the 3 pieces in his late-60s suit (Johannes)

NO(la)MORECHAINS blogger in her 80s shirt dress (Dorothy)

Black & White Checkered Tweed Coat with velvet cuffs and collar (Amanda)

Dress (Ruby Rage)

Lingerie (Ms. Naomi )

Good times and more on the horizon. Thanks for playing your part.