Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In the mean time...My new Marni bag!

So I haven't gotten around to the daunting task of cataloging my wardrobe but I've done my laundry (Yay!) and I've picked up a few amazing pieces over the past month.  Like this Marni bag that has retired my CHANEL wallet-on-a-chain.  As a new mom toting snacks, tissues, and God knows what else I feel this was a much needed switch. It is spacious, durable, comfortable to carry and cost $30 at a second hand store.
I find that the obscure lines I love are often overlooked and under-priced when compared to their more popularly recognized contemporaries. At the same store, for instance, a Tory Burch bag was far more expensive though it retails for considerably less.  Go figure.  I hope they continue to not do their homework so I can keep scoring...