Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spectacular Spectacles

 Eyewear is to an outfit as the bass is to music.  They anchor the harmonic structure of an ensemble while possessing the ability to rock out on their own. 

The color, finish, shape and lenses unassumingly restructure the wearer’s face and shift the viewer’s focus making glasses my favorite little accessory.

Butcher or Artist?

I’ve been spectacle dependent since the age of 12 and felt early on that awesome rims were imperative.  After years of lackluster satisfaction with mid-range designer sets that prematurely shed their accents or fell apart, I found Eye Been Framed; a French Quarter based business that sells DEADSTOCK vintage glasses from the 1950s to the late 80s.  Hallelujah. 

Eye Been Framed is a treasure trove of reasonably priced, unworn eyewear in styles that make the modern mock-ups appear shameful.  Each pair is like a finely tuned custom Cadillac.  They are the epitome of face jewelry that make believers, and junkies, out of all who witness the collection first hand. 

With modern designer labels recreating cat-eyes, aviators, exaggerated 80s style and browline glasses, the fashion savvy now have options.  You can spend considerably more investing in replicas that were mass produced for inflated profit margins and global markets OR you can purchase the vintage originals that were artisan built to last out of sheer innovation.   

To attend the next Eye Been Framed party and view this incredible collection, contact me.