Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something old. Something new.

photo by Saphira Contreras
First Photo Shoot (Me)

Oh, nostalgia...what a great business to be in. It has a way of convincing you to consider everything sacred and heightens reflective states. In this spirit, I want to chronicle the journey of the brand I love so dearly through photos highlighting special in-store moments and clients looking fabulous in the goods we've provided.

For those of you that have witnessed the evolution of Confess Apparel first hand, I thank you. From its humble beginnings behind a Mid-City washateria, to the Oak Street location we occupied for a year, Confess has endured and transitioned into an innovative styling business that reflects the culture developed in our stores and the personal service our clients received.

Oak Street will be missed. The greater community outlying this commercial corridor is diverse and close-knit lending to a colorful array of guests that graced Confess daily. It was a pleasure meeting and working with the residents and myriad visitors that traveled our narrow, meter maid-ridden street.

Dress-up Contest (Me and Contestants)

For those that stopped in on my off days, you made the acquaintance of Dylan. Here he is making the hallowed "stoop" look cooler than necessary...

Cigarette Break (Dylan)

The merchants on Oak Street were part of its allure. Despite sensationalized arguments over sandwiches, we banded together to promote and support one another.

Glamour Break (Zoe)

Po-Boy Festival 2010

Oak Street Family (Anthony)

Some of my favorite days were the slow ones where I could really focus in on a specific clients needs...or play any willing opponent in chess.

Chess (Jerk & Jon's Jonathan Hamilton, model and children)

Many great partnerships have been formed with artists, stylists and vendors that provide complimentary goods or services over the years. They have encouraged and inspired me. Trunk Show (Allisyn)

Carnival Couture Headdresses (Me, Lola and Henry)

Outside of retail, Confess has styled vintage ensembles at fashion shows...

CWM Foundation Fashion Show 2010 (Model)

and provided wardrobe for photo shoots from the sophisticated...

New Orleans Magazine December 2010 Issue (Model)

to the surreal.

Pretty Doe Dairy "Goato" Shoot (Amy & Nina)

Last, but far from least, a few of my favorite snap shots boasting customer purchases.  

Wedding Dress (Nicole)

2 of the 3 pieces in his late-60s suit (Johannes)

NO(la)MORECHAINS blogger in her 80s shirt dress (Dorothy)

Black & White Checkered Tweed Coat with velvet cuffs and collar (Amanda)

Dress (Ruby Rage)

Lingerie (Ms. Naomi )

Good times and more on the horizon. Thanks for playing your part.