Saturday, June 25, 2011

Confess Wardrobe Styling FAQ's...

Actor Anri Mims
Here is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Confess' wardrobe styling services. Comment with any additional inquiries not addressed here and the list will be updated.

1. Do you only buy second-hand and vintage goods?

No. My primary goal is to meet your individual styling needs. We will discuss each category on your personalized shopping list and determine the type of retailer that will meet your budget and style aesthetic from big-box to boutiques and even thrift stores.

Due to my retail merchandising background, I have identified a host of vintage and second-hand designer wholesalers that allow me to consider these unique and eco-friendly goods for your specific needs at unbelievable prices. By utilizing alternative resources on the web and in the local area to supplement your wardrobe, I will save you money and find the pieces that truly embody the look you are after.

2. I love my personal sense of style, why would I need your services?

If you have a strong sense of style, consider the closet organizing services. During this session, we will arrange your garments for convenience and discuss the storage and care of your beloved wardrobe to ensure it lasts as long as you want it to.

If you are looking for new ways to wear the pieces you adore or want to give a garment one more chance before purging, ensemble planning would be a wonderful option. I will share tips and tricks that can revitalize any item so you fall in love all over again.

3. I’m a photographer and want to recommend a stylist for some of my shoots. Would you come on location for touch-ups and wardrobe changes?

Yes. As a beauty/fashion industry professional, partnering with a wardrobe stylist adds value to your services. Ensure your shoots have a polished look and your clients are exceedingly happy with the finished product by recommending a stylist.

4. I have a complimentary business and would like to partner with Confess, how do I submit my company’s information?

Simply email me your contact information and I will add your company to the vendor list. This will expose your business to our ever expanding client base. If you are a designer, send a link to your portfolio and availability to have your line considered for customer acquisitions.

6. What if you don’t find anything I can use on a personal shopping project?

My personal shopping service is designed to yield a satisfactory outcome. For stores with a zero return policy, fittings are scheduled prior to final purchase to ensure the garments meet your needs. For online acquisitions, emails are sent for your approval prior to purchase. In the event there is an issue with fit upon receipt, modifications will be considered before returning. For local retail purchases, returns and exchanges will be done on your behalf. Time is not deducted for returns or exchanges.

Despite these measures, in the event a personal shopping assignment doesn’t yield pieces that meet your needs within the time allotted, you will receive a one hour credit toward your next service.

7. When is payment due?

For all consultative sessions and closet edits, payment is due when the services are complete. When a personal shopping list is created on your behalf, a budget and estimated time is calculated and prepayment is required. You will receive emails tracking my activity and time spent on your wardrobe project. If an overage in time occurs, the balance is due at the following meeting. In the event the wardrobe budget allotted is not met, you will receive the cash balance or credit upon project completion.

8. What do you mean when you say “project”?

A project is any detailed assignment for which Confess is hired that includes a timeline and/or specific duties that take place in or outside of your home. For example, personal shopping projects include a list of focus items based on your needs, a start and end date.

9. Are second-hand items cleaned before I buy them?

Some second-hand retailers launder their items prior to placing them on their racks. For added assurance, we offer our customers professional dry-cleaning as an added service. Wholesale and hourly rates apply.

10. When items are purchased on my behalf, do I receive a copy of the receipt?

Yes. All acquisition, laundering, and shipping receipts will be attached to the invoice.

11. May I schedule a session with you for less than an hour?

All appointments are set and invoiced in one hour blocks.

12. How can I follow your shopping activity and time spent on my project?

A time sheet is maintained for every client that is updated on a daily basis. It includes the location and the amount of time spent in each establishment.

13. When do you begin docking time on a shopping trip?

The clock begins when I enter a store on your behalf.

14. When editing my closet, who decides what I keep and what happens to the items I no longer need?

You do. I give suggestions based on the goals you share but you make the final decision.