Thursday, June 30, 2011

Down With Shoes.

Hervé Léger
I am OVER sandals as a whole this season. Most platforms compromise posture and grace for style which leaves the average woman looking (and walking) like an under-articulated, imbalanced baby doll. I am shocked that gladiators have lasted this long; they have a tendency to shorten and expand the size of the wearers’ leg. Though comfortable, they are exclusively attractive on the feet of slim statuesque women. I do not have a rant for flats other than I am 4’11” and need higher shoe options without the extra bulk, wedges and straps found in every retailer.

Yes, I am complaining. Some may even claim that I am “hating”. Yet someone needs to put their foot down and demand more out of our shoes and the bastards designing them. A shoe coup, if you will. All I want out of life is a timeless, enduring, comfortable, stylish shoe that is feminine and sexy. Is that too much to ask?

*Deep breath*