Friday, October 7, 2011

Last 48 hours...

I've watched... 

 Fendi Spring/Summer 2012 

Comfort and confidence were the two things that came to mind when watching the Fendi show.  The prints were simple, the fit was relaxed yet extremely polished, and the silhouettes were minimal yet voluminous and rich in structural detailing.  I'm diggin' the color blocking and that phenomenal deep white trim at the hem.  Oh, that collective consciousness in fashion...

"Sadie Thompson" (1928) 
starring Gloria Swanson 

I love old-timey fallen women stories.  This one is fantastic.  It has soldiers, Polynesian natives, evangelical reformists, and a raunchy Gloria Swanson who gets "saved" only to get pounced on by her "savior" who then kills himself.  Don't sleep on silent films...If that sounds entertaining, watch "Diary of a Lost Girl" (1929) starring Louise Brooks.

Carven Fall/Winter 2011-2012

I adore this French label established in 1945 by the amazing and "vertically challenged" Carmen de Tommaso (Madame Carven) who entered the Parisian haute couture realm as a novice and quickly made a name for herself.  The Fall 2011 line is young and modern featuring great separates, practical designs for real women and rich textiles.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012

The love of my life, Karl Lagerfeld, never ceases to amaze me.  He is the king of the "new sexy" where both relaxed and firm fabrics reside away from the body merely kissing the figure that lies beneath.  He beautifully juxtaposed this move toward the more modest feminine silhouette by adorning his models with faux nose and eyebrow rings.  Who does that?  Karl does.  Skewed and minimal geometric lines on traditional boucle jackets, girly epaulettes, ribbons, underwater flora inspired embellishments and so much more.  *sigh*

"People Will Talk" (1951) 
starring Cary Grant and Jeanne Crain

They pulled Cary Grant's character in this film straight out of...I have no idea where.  It is sort of ridiculous but life showed me a long time ago that anything is possible.  Picture this...a doctor has a student he finds out is pregnant and unwed, she shoots herself after receiving the news and survives, recovers, runs away, he finds her, falls in love with her, marries her and they live happily ever after.  Oh yeah, years earlier as a medical student, he receives a cadaver that he finds is still alive, the cadaver becomes his manservant/friend and they live happily ever after.  Go figure.  

Jeanne Crain's wardrobe is subtle and beautiful.  That lace shawl in the top photo is belted and I love the lapel on her masculine jacket in the bottom pic.