Sunday, July 24, 2011

To Be Young At Heart

Me and Nyela
Runway-side seats at Chanel Spring/Summer 2011 show
How often do you allow your imagination to run wild without limitations or expectations?

Marcia, Aaliyah and Christopher
Wedding with teddy bear groom
When was the last time you REALLY played?

One can learn a lot from kids engaged in unbridled activity.
As adults, we feel compelled to "do" something "productive" throughout our day; stealing moments from ourselves, for ourselves and fighting the guilt that ensues.
This widely accepted cycle can be stifling and limit the opportunities that result from openness, clarity and the sheer joy of being. “Being” itself has been hijacked and transformed into an elitist concept that glorifies “self” rather than sheds ego. This adds to our list of things to “do” and so we continue.

To conclude this entry with a recommendation of any kind would be counter-productive.
*glass raised*
Here's to you and your journey.