Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoe Restyled

Restyled Aldo "Craver" espadrille

While numbingly strolling through a Newport News, VA mall (in which I was employed in a past life) days before my departure to Guinea, I found a pair of beige espadrilles I felt were a classic and safe retail purchase. In actuality, the shoe turned out to be too light for my complexion and the rich clay earth of West Africa. After an evening of minimal activity they were ruined.

Rather than throw away a rare retail buy defeated, I painted them, replaced the god-awful ribbon and gave my sandals a new life.

Tools? Acrylic paint and leather cord acquired at a craft store. My palette contained raw sienna, Quaker grey, metallic silver and black which I mixed to create varying shades and colors. I applied three layers of paint to the canvas body at the toe and heel and one to each braid of the wedge which dried quickly and has withstood rainy days.